CSIMC NZ offers the following courses at Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Otago.

We encourage applications from students interested in majoring in Islamic Studies at Otago and/or students desirous of taking courses at Victoria counting towards the major at Otago, or the BA at Victoria. Students from one University are able to take courses at the other University (at present at 100 and 200-level) for credit towards their degree at their home institution.

Students can also apply for the Graduate Diploma of Arts (GDipArts) at Victoria or the Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) at Otago, focussing on the study of Islam.

The following courses on Islam are on offer:

Victoria University of Wellington University of Otago
RELI 203 Civilisation and Cultures of Islam RELS 207/324 The Religion of Islam
RELI 251 Introduction to the Qur’an RELS 220/320 Representing Islam
RELI 252 Political Islam RELS 221/321 Islamic Law
RELI 329 Islam in the Contemporary World RELS 222/322 Qur’an and Hadith
RELI 422 Advanced Studies in Religion and Politics RELS 225/325 Islam in Local Contexts
RELI 427 Advanced Studies in Religious Texts RELS/X 234/334 Special Topic: Women in Islam ‡
RELS/X 323/423 Islamic Theology and Philosophy ‡
POLS 430 Islamic Militancy in World Politics

The following courses have a section on Islam as part of the course:

Victoria University of Wellington University of Otago
RELI 107 Religion, Law and Politics RELS/X 101 Judaism, Christianity and Islam ‡
RELI 108 The World's Religions RELS 104 Religions and Globalisation
RELI 110 Myth and Ritual RELS 202 Religions of Southeast Asia
RELI 207 Judaism: Israel, Holocaust and Diaspora RELS 212/312 Religions of South India
RELI 286 Mysticism RELS 330/430 Special Topic: Mysticism and Monotheism
RELI 305 Death, Dying and Religion RELS/X 310/462 Asian Religions and the West ‡
RELI 322 Pilgrimage POLS 210 The Politics of the Middle East
POLS 214 Islam, Politics, and the Challenge of Terrorism

‡ These papers may be taken by distance.

For further details of these courses please see the websites of Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and Religion at the University of Otago.


Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Otago each have a range of agreements with overseas Universities, under which students can attend another University for a Semester or longer and gain credit at Victoria or Otago for their degree. Some of these Universities have programmes in Islamic Studies from which New Zealand exchange students will be able to benefit.

BA in Islamic Studies

A BA in Islamic Studies has been approved at the University of Otago. It consists of the following papers:

100-level: RELS 101 and one of RELS 104, ARAB 131, 132, ANTH 105.
200-level: Three of RELS 207, 220, 221, 222, 225, 234; POLS 210, 214.
300-level: Four of RELS 319, 320, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 334, POLS 310, HIST 303.
Papers must include at least three of RELS 207, 221, 222, 321, 322, 323, 324.

The core elements of the BA in Islamic Studies are thus RELS 101 Judaism, Christianity and Islam and three of the following papers:

RELS 207 or 324 The Religion of Islam
RELS 221 or 321 Islamic Law
RELS 222 or 322 Qur’an and Hadith
RELS 323 Islamic Theology and Philosophy

Other papers (not listed above) include:

ANTH 105 Global and Local Cultures
ARAB 131 Introductory Arabic 1
ARAB 132 Introductory Arabic 2
HIST 303 Modern India
POLS 310 Turkey and Its Neighbours

A minor in Islamic Studies can also be undertaken at Otago; for details see:
This is available for students who are majoring in another area, or who are taking another degree.

The full regulations for the BA major and minor in Islamic Studies are at

Pathways to further study

A Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Islamic Studies with satisfactory grades is the ideal background for someone wishing to go on to Postgraduate study in Islamic Studies.

Diploma for Graduates at the University of Otago and Victoria University of Wellington.

A student who successfully completes a Diploma for Graduates at Otago or Victoria with satisfactory grades may apply to go on to Postgraduate study in Islamic Studies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Religious Studies

A student wishing to go on to a research degree by thesis, may apply to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma in Religious Studies at either Victoria or Otago. This would involve a Dissertation in an area of Islamic Studies, and other taught papers in Islamic Studies or other areas of Religion.

MA and PhD

For information about the MA and PhD please see the Research page.